2014 Best of Atlanta(Prosthodontist = ADA cosmetic dentist)

Prosthodontic dentists are gaining popular recognition as patients become more familiar with the advances in dentistry and how they can enhance their everyday lives. Prosthodontists are expert dentists with a post graduate ADA recognized degree focused on a complete knowledge of dentistry, where function and aesthetics are melded into the final result.

There are a lot of people who just weren’t born with beautiful smiles or for other reasons ended up with damaged teeth.  Some inherited stains from medicines their parents took prior to child birth, while others developed discolorations through the years making their appearance unattractive whenever they open to talk or smile. These people can be helped by a trained prosthodontist who specializes in the cosmetic restorations that provide methods, procedures and plans which ultimately improve their personality as much as it improves their mouth.

The first advantage of a prosthodontist is time related expertise.  As a result of our training and experience with difficult cases, modern techniques take much less time in the beautification of the teeth as compared to older ordinary dentistry.  Techniques and procedures as common as in house whitening, which takes only couple of hours as opposed to otherwise days of the repeated home bleaching have become fairly common place and routine in the restoration of a smile.

Another major change related to teeth is implants. In the past there had been an extensive time period involved in replacing missing teeth.  Now, while still a complex procedure, there are techniques that with significant preparation allow for teeth to be implanted in a day and utilized by the patient shortly thereafter.

Finally, technology often comes into play with veneers which are made up of a special material and again while technique sensitive are easier for prosthodontists to incorporate into quick and favorable results.  The combination of all of these advantages rest comfortably within the purview of a prosthodontist’s training and expertise.  A comprehensive approach by a prosthodontist is the best way to get your inner confidence boosted and your personality improved.  If you truly want the right smile, see a ‘Pro’.


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