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While it may be difficult for many to move beyond past and antiquated perceptions, the dental profession today includes not only those who provide direct patient care, but those who teach, conduct research, and work in public and international health.  All of these individuals are vital links in the health care delivery system, necessary to promote social and economic change as well as individual well-being.

Traditionally, dentistry has been the branch of the healing arts and sciences devoted to maintaining the health of the teeth, gums, and other hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity and adjacent structures. Yet today, a dentist is a scientist and clinician dedicated to the highest standards of health care through prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of oral diseases and conditions.  The notion of dentists as merely a “tooth mechanics” is completely out of touch with the roll of modern dentists.

Today’s dentist is a highly sophisticated health professional providing a wide range of care that contributes enormously to the quality of your day-to-day life as it relates to your global health care.   Yes, dentists work to prevent tooth decay, periodontal disease, malocclusion, and oral-facial anomalies.  But just as important is the dentist’s role in diagnosing oral issues that may be affecting your overall health.  Dentists are instrumental in early detection of oral cancer and systemic conditions of the body that manifest themselves in the mouth, and they are at the forefront of a range of new developments in cosmetic and aesthetic practices.

As the world changes so does the role of the dentist.  As always, if you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact us in Sandy Springs.

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