Before After PictureThis process identifies what you would like to see your ideal smile look like to implementing a plan that realizes what, how and when you can get there.  All told, it requires experts to determine what should be done to approximate the ideal as closely as possible to avoid a less than optimal result projected in the formulation of the ideal.  We’ll discuss options and explain procedures, which may involve multiple of techniques and disciplines.

The right smile, the ideal smile, like all good things in life, is a collaboration of your visualization and our creation.  Properly trained dentists must sometimes invent and select courses of action, practices to be implemented because each patient presents a unique set of circumstances.  We’ve found that by truly listening to our patients and matching your desires with our expertise, your visits become more of a reality experience, rather than just a necessity. It is not a one size fits all as most would think.  Our prosthodontic trained team…plans backward from where you want to be to where you are now.

Your smile is the first thing people notice and our goal is to help realize your ideal smile.  But more important, we want to make sure it’s the right smile, one that’s natural and comfortable for you.  If you have questions, please ask. And if we can do anything to make you more comfortable, let us know. We are here to serve you and we have a history of making oral healthcare easy and convenient for your lifestyle.

ZoAnna Scheinfeld, MS, DMD

Hanna Orland, DMD

290 Carpenter Drive, 200A

Sandy Springs, GA 30328





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