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Mouthwash and Oral Cancer – Dentist Sandy Springs

There appears to be controversy over whether mouthwash containing alcohol may be related to oral cancer.  This controversy arises out the studies that show a link between oral cancer and the consumption alcohol.  By extension, if drinking alcohol may cause cancer than so should alcohol based mouthwash.  Michael Douglas is the most recent case in

The Mercury Filling Controversy – Dentist Sandy Springs

Whenever I hear a patient ask about amalgam restorations (mercury fillings), I wonder why this question refuses to go away.  For decades, amalgams have been considered the primary restorative material for posterior teeth (the ones in the back) because of their long time success.  After enormous amounts of study, the World Health Organization, the FDI

Wisdom Teeth Removal – Dentist Sandy Springs

An oral surgeon or a general dentist (even a prosthodontist) can extract a wisdom tooth.  Ninety-nine percent of the time our practice refers out to one of our participating oral surgeons.  Most of the time the procedure can be done in the office.  However, it is possible that you could have the surgery in the

Are You Thumbing Your Mouth At Me? Dentist Sandy Springs

If you have a new born or have one on the way, you’re going to find out that infants have a natural instinct to suck as a way of nourishing and soothing themselves. Often, this leads to the child sucking on their fingers, a blanket, a stuffed animal or their thumb. Usually, this habit is

The Difference between Dental and Physician Health Care Costs

Sandy Springs Dentist Why the cost of your dental care really hasn’t increased that much?  In fact it has either tracked or lagged behind the consumer price index and this is despite all the advances in dental technology.  Compare that observation to your medical care costs.  If you go in to see your dentist and