4 Steps to Promoting Good Oral Health – Dentist Sandy Springs

Good oral hygiene is important for maintaining your overall health.  If you believe this and you should, then there are 4 essential guidelines of preventative care to maintaining good oral health[1]: Floss regularly and floss first- Individuals should floss on a regular basis after meals and before brushing their teeth.  The reason you floss first

How much do dental fillings cost? Dentist Sandy Springs

The cost depends the type of filling material and the complexity of restoration.   Amalgams are cheaper than composites but amalgams last significantly longer if you are not concerned about aesthetics.[1] You might think to call a local dentist from the internet and ask. But the problem with a quote over the phone is that each

Affordable Dental Implants – Sandy Springs

The cost of dental implants may appear high, but the price continues coming down.  And if you consider the benefits, the time involved and the expertise of your specialist implants are worth every penny.  To help you understand and appreciate the cost let’s explore the aspects of price and how different dental implants may differ

Do Children Grind Their Teeth? Dentist Sandy Springs

Absolutely, yes.   Approximately 15% to 33% of children grind their teeth. Children who grind their teeth tend to do so at two peak times in their lives – (1) when their baby teeth emerge and (2) when their permanent teeth come in.[1]  Some of this potential grinding is protected or goes unnoticed because of thumb

Patient Questions about Dental Implants?

Dentist Sandy Springs Overview:   It turns out that there’s a real difference between the questions dental implant patients ask — and the questions they should be asking.  The top 5 questions dental patients ask -                               How much do dental