2014 Best of AtlantaThat’s really a tough question.  And for our practice (in Sandy Springs, GA) it’s even more difficult because we don’t advertise using conventional methods.  Ninety-five (95%) percent or more of our patients are referral based, either from an existing patient or another referring dentist.

Given our history and experience, we recommend asking for referrals from a co-worker or a neighbor.

If you have relocated from out of state to another city or state and want to find a good dentist, get a referral from your previous dentist or at least their second opinion.[1]  This is probably the best option as your previous dentist probably knows someone he went to school with or has a professional affiliation with.  It is unlikely that he would give you wrong advice.  If you simply are not happy with the services given by your current dentist, you can ask for recommendations from your co-workers, friends, family members, and other trusted individuals in your life.  We have found that once someone makes a referral, the referred patient will go to our web site or reviews to validate the referral.  A combination of a trusted referral borne out by independent research will usually lead you to the right dentist.

How to Find a Good Dentist?

If you are planning to undergo any kind of dental treatment, you need to make sure that you get the services suited to your needs.   Choosing a quality dentist with the right skills and experience is the deciding factor in the success of the treatment.  While price is a factor, a well-respected dentist with long standing roots in the community is not going to be overpriced.  You certainly would not want to base your decision on an inexpensive root canal and crown treatment which could turn out to be ineffective in just a few months.  Dental issues are no small matter. You should in no way compromise on the quality of the dental treatment based on price.

If it’s cosmetic dentistry you are seeking, then look for a prosthodontist.  Prosthodontic dentists are with the passage of time gaining popular recognition as patients become more familiar with the advances in dentistry and how they can enhance their everyday lives. They are expert dentists with a post graduate ADA recognized degree from a dental school centered around a complete knowledge of dentistry, where function and aesthetics are combined in the final result.

Location of the Dentist

Again this is a tough one.  You should not necessarily choose a dentist whose office is pretty close to where you work or live.  This will surely help you in case of a dental emergency, but with a quality dentist as a general rule you shouldn’t have emergencies.  Obviously, if you can find a quality dentist close to where you work or live in Atlanta, you will reduce hassle for you in driving many miles just for treatment which requires frequent visits.  But for twice a year cleanings and examinations a few more miles shouldn’t create any issues.

Whichever dentist you choose in your locality, always make sure that he/she is a certified member of the American Dental Association (ADA) and the Georgia Dental Association.  When you are comfortable with your referral, compare the services, charges, dental insurance formalities, and other determining factors, before choosing a suitable one.  After you find all the above conditions satisfactory, simply call for a consultation.

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[1] Or you can make an appointment with us – 404-256-3620.