Bite and TMJ Issues

TMJ disorder pain

There are times a patient will come in with pain or noises in the ear (TM joint), muscle pain in the head and neck, or constant migraine type headaches.

Possible Causes

This could be any number of issues including:

  • posture
  • your bite
  • your muscle, or
  • a combination. 

As dentists, we are the oral physicians of the head and neck region. We will discuss what’s causing you discomfort, resulting in a few different conservative approaches first. 

A 3D model of your teeth, a bite analysis, and photographs may be required for study. For your convenience, our Sandy Springs office is equipped with a CBCT scanner so this can be performed in-house.

A BITE SPLINT may be the appropriate treatment depending upon the issue.

Most importantly it may take time to figure it all out, but we first do it reversibly after a dialogue and discussion together.  In addition to her dental degree, Dr. Scheinfeld is a former physical therapist with training that may help your unique circumstance.  And Dr. Orland is certified in the application of Botox (and Xeomin) for the treatment of TMJ disorder and bruxism .

Bite Splint Therapy

Muscle tension, headaches, clicking and or popping noises in front of the ear, pain, tooth wear, breakage, sensitivity, recession, clenching, grinding.

These could all be symptoms requiring bite stability or muscle relaxation.

After a thorough examination of your bite and joint, we discuss your goals for comfort, we may take models of your mouth and study them to determine if treatment is needed. Our dental team may suggest the use of a bite appliance prior to recommending Botox treatment.

TMJ dentist near meThe bite splint appliance is designed to fit over your teeth.  Then it is adjusted over a series of appointments so you can experience what a properly functioning bite feels like. The use of this appliance can also help us evaluate muscle symptoms. After implementation, we can then determine if the signs and symptoms you have experienced diminish or disappear or if there are issues latent to treatment where Botox may be required. 

Botox (and Xeomin)

Additional methods of therapy may involve the use of Botox and similar products to treat your issues.

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