Trusted Team for Family Dentistry in Sandy Springs & Chamblee, GA

Whether you’re making an appointment for yourself or a loved one, you need to send them to a dentist office you trust. The Right Smile Center is proud to be that office for you. We’re among the top teams for family dentistry in Sandy Springs and Chamblee, GA. With our experienced staff and state-of-the-art facilities, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands with us. Furthermore, we offer nearly every dental service your family could ever need at each of our two locations.

Dental and oral health needs change as people age. For example, children’s dental development must be monitored to ensure everything is growing correctly — and intervention can be accomplished early if necessary. Adolescents and teenagers need routine cleanings to keep their young smile impeccable for as long as possible. Adult and senior patients may visit us for anything from oral cancer screening to dental implants in Sandy Springs. No matter what your concerns may be, we help keep your smile healthy and beautiful.

Furthermore, we understand that life is unpredictable, and accidents can occur at any time. That’s why we’re proud to also be a trusted emergency dentist in Chamblee. Call us any time of day or night, and we’ll treat you as soon as possible.

Professional cleanings in Sandys Springs and Chamblee offices

Professional Hygiene cleaning

Professional Cleanings:

Professional dental cleanings are the key to your healthy smile. If you or a family member has not had a professional dental cleaning recently, please consider the importance of regular cleanings and maintenance of your dental health. Regular dental cleanings will keep you healthy and save your smile in the long run.

Routine exams

by our dental team and annual x-rays to protect against tooth decay and oral cancers.

Periodontal Services:

A comprehensive dental approach to gum disease, helping you halt the progress of the disease and develop a healthy mouth. Our in-house periodontal services (gum treatments) may be a necessary part of your oral dental care. More than 50% of the adult population has some level of gum disease, which generally occurs when bacteria are caught between the tooth and gum. These bacteria slowly destroy the structure that supports your teeth and will eventually lead to a loss of the affected teeth.

Root Canal Therapy:

Root canals are needed when a dental infection or tooth decay reaches the pulp chamber of your tooth. The infection destroys the nerves located within the root of the tooth, eventually causing the tooth to die. Years ago, the only option for this type of dental problem was a tooth extraction. Now, thanks to the progress in dental technology, often your infection can be stopped with a topical medicine applied to the tooth. And where this is not successful, the tooth can be saved with a root canal.

Prompt Emergency Dental Care:

We are here to serve you in either our Sandy Springs or Chamblee dental office. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have an urgent need. Our dental team recognizes that emergency situations may occur and we will do everything in our power to respond to you as quickly as possible. If a dental emergency arises during normal office hours, please call our Sandy Springs or Chamblee, GA dental office as early in the day as possible. We reserve special times for patients with emergency needs and you will be seen as quickly as possible. If an emergency arises while the office is closed, please feel free to contact Drs. Scheinfeld and Orland by utilizing the contact numbers provided in our voice mail system.

Family Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Office Services

Schedule dental visits for you and your family today by calling The Right Smile Center in Sandy Springs at 404-256-3620 or Chamblee at 770-455-6076. Our dental office is conveniently located on Carpenter Drive in Sandy Springs and Chamblee Dunwoody Road in Chamblee, where we serve patients from Sandy Springs, Chamblee, Brookhaven, Roswell, Dunwoody, Buckhead, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, East Cobb and surrounding communities. We welcome new patients and will be happy to answer all of your questions over the phone or in person. Our dentists and team look forward to making you, and your loved ones smile!