WHEN you arrive…

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  1. To check-in, please call our office number or reply to the appointment reminder text when you arrive 
  2. We will call you to come in from your car or we will come out to get you (We ask that guardians and caretakers please wait in their vehicles while patients are being treated)
  3. Wipe the door handle with the Clorox wipes provided outside
  4. Please wash your hands before and after treatment
    • Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the office
  5. Please complete our COVID disclosure form if you have not already done so online (you can bring your own pen or we will provide a disinfected pen)
  6. We will have you rinse with an anti-microbial mouthwash before treatment
  7. We are taking your temperature and blood pressure before beginning treatment
  8. We will provide safety goggles to wear during treatment