Migraines, TMD and Bruxism

Botox treatment of migraine headachesWe now use BOTOX routinely as one of our treatment choices to help our patients.

Botox (and Xeomin) is not just for wrinkles anymore. It’s much, much more.  It’s being used for both FDA approved and ‘off label’ treatment with doctors experimenting with how to help patient disorders such as migraine headaches, gummy smiles (not FDA approved) and TMJ disorder (also not FDA approved).  Some of its results are astonishing, creating some 90 patient applications pending FDA approval. In conjunction with our cosmetic uses, we are offering Botox and Xeomin for therapeutic applications.

Bruxism often causes TMD and is the cause of headaches and facial pain.  And dentistry is moving towards treating bruxism and TMJ patients with painless bilateral injections of Botox into your facial muscles. Using the right amount of Botox will reduce the intensity of contraction of these muscles and the relief can help eliminate facial pain, reduce TMJ symptoms, eliminate headaches, and generally reduce the effects of bruxism. Currently, it is the most common performed procedure in the world and you can have it done in our office.  Given the number of injections we make per day, rest assured, no one should have more experience with injections than a dentist.

Each case presents a unique circumstance and requires an individualized evaluation.  We do this at no cost or obligation to you. During a pre-treatment consultation, we will discuss your symptoms, goals and treatment options. If we determine the treatment isn’t appropriate for you, you have no obligation. Given the results, it’s not as expensive as you might think.  Please let us know when we can schedule your complimentary consultation.

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