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As time advances Prosthodontic dentists are gaining popular recognition as patients become more aware of the advances in implant dentistry and how it can enhance their everyday lives. Prosthodontists are expert dentists with a post graduate ADA recognized degree centered around a complete knowledge of dentistry, where function and beautification of teeth are combined in the final result.

This specialty is university trained in the cosmetic restoration of implants that combines methods, procedures and plans which ultimately improve your personality as much as they improve your mouth.

The first advantage of a prosthodontist is their strategic approach to implant dentistry.  As a result of their training and experience with difficult cases most oral surgeons and periodontists rely on the prosthodontist to act as the quarterback of the procedure.  While still a complex procedure there are techniques derived from years of training that with significant preparation allow for teeth to be implanted in a day and utilized by the patient shortly thereafter.

Finally, technology often comes into play and again while technique sensitive, implants are very easy to incorporate into timely and favorable results.  The combination of all of these techniques rest comfortably within the purview of a prosthodontist’s training and expertise.

A comprehensive approach by a prosthodontist and our experienced implantologists, Drs. Scheinfeld and Orland, is the best way to get your inner confidence boosted and your personality improved. Contact us for your complementary consultation.

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