Affording Dental Implants | Sandy Springs, GA

The cost of dental implants continues coming down.  And if you consider the benefits, the time involved and the expertise of your specialist, our Sandy Springs patients consider implants worth every penny.  To help you understand and appreciate the cost how dental implants may differ depending on various factors. If the price is too good

Top 5 Reasons We Are Out-Of-Network | Sandy Springs Dentists

And What That Means For You I sat down earlier this week to write a piece with the title above, but very quickly realized there really aren’t that many reasons. The only reason we are out-of-network with most insurance plans comes down to one simple fact: We treat World-Class patients and we want to offer world–class oral

The Right Smile by a Multi-Specialty Practice

The right smile, like all good things in life, is a collaboration of your input and our expertise.   You envision and we create. We’ve found that by truly listening to our patients and matching your desires with our expertise, your visits become more of a pleasurable experience, rather than just a necessity. Our Sandy Springs

How much do Dental Implant Costs: Sandy Springs

The cost of a dental implant can range from $1800 up.  The exact cost varies because each patient presents a unique set of circumstances and factors.   The variables that may affect the procedure range from your age, oral health, jaw bone anatomy, bone grafting to whether or not more complex treatments such as a sinus

Need a Cosmetic Dentist? Sandy Springs Dental Care

See an ADA approved Prosthodontist. If you are in need of tooth restoration, or if you are unhappy with the way your smile looks, your first inclination may be to head to a cosmetic dentist.  Instead, it may be wiser to head to a prosthodontic dentist. Most patients have never heard of a prosthodontic dentist.