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Arestin mature-female-smilingmakes scaling and root planing more effective to do what?  Treat periodontal (gum) disease.  And if you’re in your forties or older, there’s a good chance you are starting to see the development of gum disease from the build of bacteria that leads to its cause.  But the use of Arestin which contains microspheres—tiny particles not visible to the eye that release an antibiotic over time, kills these bacteria so your gums can heal better than with just scaling and root planing alone. When used together with scaling and root planing, Arestin can significantly reduce the depth of the infected pockets that can form around teeth and help prevent disease progression.  In addition, Arestin has been shown to be particularly effective in patients who are smokers.

Unfortunately, it is not utilized as much as it could be due to cost.  Insurance companies are leery about doing what’s in your best interests and we as healthcare providers have not done enough to educate the population at large.  The loss of a tooth due to gum disease can be prevented.

And while most dental insurance companies do not cover or have only partial coverage, recently, it is our understanding Arestin has teamed up with CVS to help patients with this problem.  For patients with treatments requiring Arestin in multiple sites, an Arestin Request Form can be submitted to CVS.  You then apply to receive the medication using your prescription drug plan.  Once approved by your insurance, CVS will contact you to collect your co-payment and then ship the Arestin directly to the office.  While this is extremely cumbersome, this medication can be labeled and stored for your personal use and save you money.  This manner of payment is recommended for large cases of scaling and root planing where the need for Arestin can be planned well in advance and the patient is willing to jump through the hoops to get there.  Co-payment varies depending on your policy, but with large cases, it is much less expensive than individual units out of pocket.

With proper examinations and treatment we can eliminate problem before they become irreversible.  Don’t let pour dental hygiene disrupt your lifestyle.  If we can be of assistance please don’t hesitate to call or email us.

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