mature-female-smilingAnd What That Means For You

I sat down earlier this week to write a piece with the title above, but very quickly realized there really aren’t that many reasons. The only reason we are out-of-network with most insurance plans comes down to one simple fact:

We treat World-Class patients and we want to offer world–class oral health care on our own terms, the way dentistry was intended to be provided.

Many people think that if a practice is not in-network with their insurance, they can’t seek services with that provider, but that is not correct. The truth is, in most cases, you can work with a dentist who is out-of-network.  All in-network means is that a dental provider has signed a contract with a health insurance company that allows the insurance company to dictate the value of the oral health care provided. Sadly, the current climate of dental insurance reimbursement often has providers being paid less than the cost of a personal training or Pilates session, a haircut, or full tank of gas. In addition to low reimbursements, many of the treatments are not covered even when you’re in-network.

A few things you need to understand about our oral health care:

  • We have extensive education and training, with one of the rarest specialties in the nation – a prosthodontist. We are the physicians of the mouth.
  • As with all patients, all oral health care is not created equal. Dentists do not receive a handbook on graduation day that tells us how to treat a specific diagnosis. Your treatment is customized, taking into consideration an individual’s age, gender, lifestyle, home and work demands, and even emotions related to their unique needs.
  • All dentists are not created equal. Our team has furthered their education by taking classes and additional training beyond what is required by our governing board.[1]  Some dentists look for every opportunity to expand their knowledge and stay current with studies and treatments. Good dentists know that there is not one treatment to help everyone and, while we may not be able to cure all, we have a network of additional resources that might.

In our Sandy Springs office we have chosen to stay true to our ideals of how oral health care should be delivered. We consider you world-class and treat you as such and refuse to upcharge, bait and switch or look for issues that comport with insurance filings rather than providing you with the trusted care you deserve and afford.  At the end of your treatment you will have peace of mind.

If we can be of service feel free to contact us.

ZoAnna Scheinfeld, MS, DMD

290 Carpenter Drive, 200A

Atlanta, GA 30328



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[1] Dr. Novy Scheinfeld is an Emory Trained prosthodontist, one of 310 practicing in the U.S. according to Forbes Magazine.  Dr. ZoAnna Scheinfeld is engaged in a mini-implant residency at UAB.