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A Beautiful Smile Is Precious And Priceless

You know that the shape, shade, length and spacing of your teeth significantly affect your smile? And your smile greatly affects your self-esteem. So obviously, the conditions that negatively impact your smile include broken, cracked or worn teeth, discolored teeth, missing teeth, crooked teeth, decayed teeth, and gaps between your teeth or "gummy smiles." The

The Right Smile by a Multi-Specialty Practice

The right smile, like all good things in life, is a collaboration of your input and our expertise.   You envision and we create. We’ve found that by truly listening to our patients and matching your desires with our expertise, your visits become more of a pleasurable experience, rather than just a necessity. Our Sandy Springs

Cosmetic Dentists, what?

Dentist Sandy Springs:   The trend these days is dentists calling themselves cosmetic dentists when there is no such specialty in dentistry.   Contrary of this trend, all dentistry is cosmetic.   I don’t know anyone who took the ‘ugly’ teeth class in dental school.  Regardless, the fact remains that the majority of dentists are general dentists

Need a Cosmetic Dentist? Sandy Springs Dental Care

See an ADA approved Prosthodontist. If you are in need of tooth restoration, or if you are unhappy with the way your smile looks, your first inclination may be to head to a cosmetic dentist.  Instead, it may be wiser to head to a prosthodontic dentist. Most patients have never heard of a prosthodontic dentist.

How much does a Dental Crown Cost? Sandy Springs Dental Care

Dental crowns cost anywhere from $900.00 up, depending on the tooth being restored.  Additionally, the cost varies by: materials, complexity, and the dentist's training and experience[1]. Insurance may pay part of the cost if it's obviously needed for medical reasons, but usually crowns are covered only on a limited basis per year.   Nowadays crowns are